Do I need a copywriter?

I am a copywriter for people who are busy, people who don’t want to get picked up on their grammar, people who are great at talking but not so good at getting the words down on paper and people who want to capture the excellence of their business in a soundbite. I edit for people who have big stories to tell, clever ideas to share and people who realise that, when you present something in black and white, it can be read again and again. Most people can write but then most people can sing in the shower – it’s the audience that you have to take into account.


Why should I trust you to be my voice?

I have been a copywriter for 20 years. I have worked for every size of organisation, from government departments to start up businesses and across every sector, including corporate, retail, hospitality, education, charity and public. I have written for friends who need to sort out their CVs, CEOs who need to come up with a vision statement and international speakers who need an editor to bring their book together. I love to name new companies or products, create straplines to help organisations stand out and summarise lengthy information into something more readable. If you don’t have a voice, I can create one for you. If you need to raise your voice to more of a shout than a whisper, I can do that too.

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