• Top Tips For Working From Home

    on Mar 17, 20 with No Comments

    Enforced working from home – how is that going? It might be ok while the kids are still at school or your partner is still in their office. It might even seem like a nice break from the routine. One of the joys of my life is to have been able to work from home [&hellip...

  • The Secret of Success in Business

    on Feb 21, 19 with No Comments

    If there is a secret to success in business, it's held by the owner managers who stay the course, continuing to thrive, innovate and challenge. ...

  • Feeding the Social Media Monster

    on May 1, 18 with No Comments

    I met a dog walking friend in the park (a dog walking friend is someone who you only see when you are out with your dog, you know their dog’s name, you may in time learn their name but you do not know where they live or the names of their children). The dog walking...

  • GDPR: A Guide For Small Business

    on Apr 17, 18 with No Comments

    The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law will be implemented in May 2018. It’s easy to think, as I did after working on a compliance project earlier in the year, that it only applies to those holding data on tens of thousands of customers, prospects or...

  • Working From Home: Not Just For Snow Days

    on Mar 1, 18 with No Comments

    Today, as all the world is ‘working from home’ on a snowy day, it’s business as usual for me. I’m all set, I just walk from my kitchen to my office. It is the best commute ever. This and so many other reasons make the freelance life hard to beat...

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