Why Wait For Christmas?

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I had such a lovely day yesterday celebrating the successes of two of my clients. Brace is enjoying ten years of running a great business with sought after products and an international client list. Silson Contemporary is just starting out but is already building a great reputation for championing local talent and is creating a must-visit destination.

It’s important to celebrate the good times. In business, as in all areas of life, there are peaks and troughs. I think one of the reasons some people throw themselves so wholeheartedly into Christmas is to escape the mundaneness of every day life. We shouldn’t save our parties for public holidays though. I am well known for always having a bottle of prosecco in the fridge ‘just in case’. We all know when the birthdays are but what about the surprise visits, the lost cat returning home, fitting into your skinny jeans, the sunshine after a rainy week? They are all causes for celebration, times to pause and laugh at what we have achieved. I am often just thankful that I’ve got this far, that I’ve survived with my friends and family around me. So don’t leave the champagne on ice, there’s always a reason to party if you look hard enough.

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