Marketing Momentum

If you are full of ideas to promote your business but have no time to make them happen, you need an injection of marketing momentum. Keeping your website up to date and optimised, running your social media, creating point of sale items, promoting special events – it’s all essential to your sales activity but it all takes time.

I work with a strong network of skilled and experienced designers, web developers, printers and photographers to manage all your marketing needs. You don’t have to worry about deadlines, getting quotes in, proofing, brand consistency or of course getting some words on paper – I do all this for you. Highly cost effective and delivering exceptional results, my aim is to build your brand reputation so you become the go-to destination for your service. Sometimes this is daily activity, sometimes occasional, depending on what’s going on in your business.

This marketing momentum service is also ideal for start-up businesses. Launching with a strong identity and sense of brand will give you confidence as you enter your market place and provide the best foundation to build future promotional activity.

Whatever your marketing requirements, have a chat with me about how I can work as part of your team and bring your ideas to life.

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