Editing and production of the business guide, Who Ordered The Battered Cod? This is the second book I have edited for the author, Doug Jackson. It deals with the process of international trade and is a ‘how to’ guide to exporting for British companies. Written in the light of Brexit uncertainty (Doug started the book shortly after the referendum result but before any ‘deal’ was reached), both his writing and my editing had to be constantly aware of the changing political landscape. This was a self-publishing project with both paperback and ebook versions produced. I steered the production through my network of freelance specialists in typesetting and illustration. I also handled the printing of the book, production of promotional literature and marketing through social media channels.

Helen combines the role of an ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ editor with that of a project manager through the challenging waters of self-publishing.  

Doug Jackson, author

Who Ordered The Battered Cod? is available in paperback from Amazon & as an ebook from Smashwords

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