Selling a Lifestyle – how to reach your audience

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I find myself feeling nostalgic for the olden days where a blog had to be at least 300 words and the pictures didn’t really matter. Now my timeline is full of photos of artful cappuccinos, usually accompanied by a cute dog, a mention of a new establishment and there we have it, a lifestyle blog. I tell all my clients that content is king and for these bloggers, that is their content and they have a market for it.

Know your audience

Your audience should dictate your content; if they are entertained by how you had your eggs for breakfast, go for it. Many of my clients are aiming at the 35+ with money to spare market and a Snapchat of your post-workout abs is not going to impress them. Yet it’s still a lifestyle we’re selling, just one dressed appropriately for the season.

The art is to pick your channels wisely and if your have multiple social media outlets, vary your message. There’s a laziness that won’t be tolerated by an impatient audience about sharing your Facebook post on Twitter. If you are serious about social media as a sales channel, grace your audience with a message just for them. Think about geography – if you sell on line, how does your message play to an international audience? Try creating a must-have mystique around your British made products. If you rely on local custom are you engaged in your town, part of the local identity? Make your business a locals hangout and you will have repeat business to die for.

Embrace the competition

The great news is, there’s other people out there selling your lifestyle too. This is not a threat: link to them, share their content, celebrate their success. A big player in your market can afford to spawn a few mini-me’s – there’s your chance to create interest nearer home. Watch how the big boys play with their celebrity endorsements and think how you could replicate a little of that glamour at a fraction of the cost.

Have fun

Don’t be overwhelmed. Don’t feel you need a YouTube channel. If there’s nothing doing because it’s a rainy Monday, don’t comment on the weather. Wait a bit and something funny, something current, something that so reflects your brand will soon come your way. Enjoy this opportunity to sell what you love and have fun with being the object of lifestyle envy, you’ll be amazed at how many people want to be just like you.

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