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If you’ve never used Twitter but you’d like to, or you’ve started but stalled, a Twitter workshop is for you. So what do you get?

1. A Twitter Account
If you have a Twitter account, you can skip this bit. If not, you can’t tweet without one. I can work through setting up an account step-by-step, including all the security you will need. You can give me dual access to your account, so I can help out for a while, or you can be the sole tweeter. You will need a Twitter avatar that represents you or your business, I can advise on whether you have any suitable graphics you can use for this or get an avatar designed for you.

2. Advice On Who To Follow
It’s called Social Media for a reason. Twitter is not all about you, it’s about building relationships with people who, eventually, might be interested in hearing a little about you. Having a strategy of who to follow is the first step in these relationships and also makes your timeline interesting and interactive.

3. Advice On What To Say
Everyone who doesn’t tweet tells me they have nothing to say. Some of these people have a lot to say, perhaps it’s the 140 characters that is off-putting. Twitter is not a direct sales environment but it is a great place for people to get interested in what you do. Content is king and I can advise you on how to link your tweets with your other business activity to make the most of your products, people and website.

4. Advice On Etiquette
We have all heard of instances where a flippant tweet has backfired. By having a basic framework in place for how you tweet, you can avoid these pitfalls.

5. Tweets On Your Behalf
If you feel that Twitter is for you but tweeting isn’t, I can tweet on your behalf. No-one will ever know.

For a chat about how Twitter could work for you, please get in touch.

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